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Matthew Perry’s humor has always been the one I wished I had more of. May he rest in peace.

There’s a nice shot of the University of Zurich in Oppenheimer. But it should probably be of its neighbor, the ETH, instead.

The latest Microsoft Teams feature is one I love: The app silently quits every time I connect an external display.

What were the odds that the Sauber logo would ever appear in an Apple keynote?! 🤯

We lost a true icon, today. One of the most famous fellow Swiss citizens. Rest in peace, Tina.

That the failing of a bank I had never heard of could lead to the collapse of such an institution this quickly, I didn’t think was possible:

The […] move represents the unwinding of a 166-year-old institution created to finance Switzerland’s rail network that ascended to the top echelons of finance, at times standing toe-to-toe with American titans like JPMorgan Chase.

I bought a ticket to tonight’s Nada Surf concert in February 2020. They’re that good.

I noticed that some of my (album cover) photos don’t display in Safari on the newly released iOS 16. Xe Iaso had already posted about problems, as well. To me, it looks like the exact same issue: AVIF images encoded with go-avif appear broken.
As there is a WebKit bug report now, I’m wondering whether the encoding is actually the problem, as the images have also been showing fine in Firefox and Chrome.


The issue is fixed in iOS 16.1’s Safari:

Fixed some AVIF images not rendering because of their container format.

(Changing the “major brand” from mif1 to avif in the file type box of the images would have also worked.)

If you’re referencing “today” in a blog(!) post and no date is present (neither as content nor as URL part), you’re doing it wrong.

Apple — finally — brings back Mail Merge to Pages, after sacrificing its Mac OS version for iOS.
Or, as Dan Moren writes for Six Colors:

The feature […] got the axe in 2013’s version 5.0, when Apple redesigned its iWork suite to give even footing across the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS platforms.

Wordle 346


This might be the best Swiss team I’ve ever seen playing a tournament. What exciting hockey at the men’s world championship.

Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR): «Claudio Cadonau: ‹Igl è grev da chattar ils pleds›»

Tonight, I will attend a hockey game at Hallenstadion for the first time.

Mac Studio and Studio Display are pretty much what I’ve been hoping for. I didn’t expect them to be released already.

“He mournfully predicted to others that his obituaryʼs first paragraph would include his authorship of the U.N. speech.”
Colin Powell turned out to be right in this great feature by the New York Times.

Unfortunately, Apple still hasn’t shown an Apple Silicon Mac setup that speaks to me.

Even though nobody will see my admin interface, I couldn’t help designing it with equal attention to detail. With the added benefit that it motivates me to use it.

Today is the day I ordered a pumpkin spice latte for the first time. Just to confirm: Now I can definitely say I won’t do that ever again.

Traveling Salesperson Problem cont.:
Amazon spending more than a billion dollars in compute time on delivery estimates.
(once again via Grady Booch)

Nothing can replace what has been lost twenty years ago.

«Eines, das fällt auf, haben alle gemeinsam – die Lehrer, die Schulbehörde, der Schulleiter, die Polizei: Alle hatten Hinweise, dass etwas vorging. Aber niemand wollte wissen, was wirklich passierte […]»
(Kevin Brühlmann im Tages-Anzeiger-Magazin über Mobbing und Rechtsextremismus auf dem Land.)
Wir als Gesellschaft dürfen nicht länger wegschauen!

Leider erstaunen mich solche Berichte über Teile der Armee überhaupt nicht. Zum Glück gab’s damals noch keine modernen Smartphones.

Ha! «Und der Kenianer Eliud Kipchoge, der beste Marathonläufer der Welt, wird in seiner Trainingsgruppe gerne mal gehänselt, weil er bei gestreckten Beinen den Boden mit den Fingerspitzen bei weitem nicht berühren kann.» (Sport-Mythen im Tagi)