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I’m still not quite sure whether I want to write in English or German. But I think writing in English gives me a little bit more practice at really learning that language. I mean: that’s why I’m going to New York, right?
Writing these lines I’m sitting in a Boeing 747 flying from Frankfurt, Germany to New York, USA. At the airport in Frankfurt I felt like I was a heavy criminal because of all the security checkpoints.
The dinner was pretty good. Some kind of chicken filet. Right now I’m watching «Just my luck».
Hope I’ve filled all the forms the right way so I won’t get any problems getting in the States.
Unfortunately I’m not sitting at a window so I can’t take any pictures from the flight. But I definitely have some pictures from the airports in Zurich and Frankfurt. The first flight from ZRH to FRA was too short to take some pictures because you have to turn all the electronical devices off during starting and landing, you know. But I was able to recognize the Uetliberg, Eglisau and even - guess what - Rafz ;-)