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About an hour ago I came back from school. It was a cool day. I think the teachers at Aspect are great. You have to be very concentrated to focus on school because the view from the classrooms is just amazing.
There are a lot of Asian guys, some French etc. One girl is from Switzerland, but from the French speaking part.
We had to do a lot of paperwork and a 90 minute test so they could figure out which class we do belong to. I got into the proficiency class. There are two possibilities. Either you’ve got morning classes or afternoon classes. I wanted to go to school in the morning but it wasn’t possible. But there are definitely some good things about that. I could explore the night life every day! Because I have to be at school either by about 1 or 3 pm. It takes me about 45 minutes with the subway, which is really good. By the way, the so called «Schülerkurs» is nothing against a rush hour NYC subway train.