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This Wednesday I had lunch with my relative and walked down Fifth Avenue about 20 blocks to go to school. In a specific cross street there were a lot of people just sitting there. “What the …?!” I thought. Later I found out that they already must have been waiting for the new Playstation, which is released today. I went to Best Buy to take a look at it. The graphics are quite good but not that much better than an X-Box 360’s (yet). But would you pay 500 bucks?!!
Also released this week: the Zune. By Microsoft, by the way. Its color (at least of the demo model), brown, was horrible. It’s too big and the user interface sucks. What looks like a wheel does not work like a wheel! One could say that the display is a little bit bigger than the iPod’s. True, but the resolution is the same! And you always have to turn it 90 degrees if you want to see a video.
Next week I have to check out the Wii, the new console from Nintendo, going to be released on Sunday. In the commercials the controllers look awesome, so far. I’ve already seen the actual console today. It’s very tiny. I’m looking forward to playing it.