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About a month ago I read an announcement on the page of Nada Surf about an upcoming concert. I hadn’t seen it before, though. The concert wasn’t part of a tour. It was organized by Cingular and others. To get tickets you had to subscribe by text message. I did that. Last week, on my birthday, I received a text message about the concert. I had to respond immediately. Luckily I was fast enough and won two tickets to my favorite band’s concert. Unfortunately the last line of the message said it was 21+. Well, I had one week to think about it. They checked for the ID’s, of course, but thanks to Photoshop & Co. I could solve that problem and got in.
The concert was awesome. Nada Surf rocked. I would have given almost anything to see them. But it was free! I felt so lucky there. They played all their best songs. The atmosphere was great. The Hiro Ballroom in the Maritime Hotel is pretty small but very nice, decorated with Asian art and Christmas stuff. Everybody was very close to the band.
Best Monday night ever! And one of my goals for New York completed.