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That the failing of a bank I had never heard of could lead to the collapse of such an institution this quickly, I didn’t think was possible:

The […] move represents the unwinding of a 166-year-old institution created to finance Switzerland’s rail network that ascended to the top echelons of finance, at times standing toe-to-toe with American titans like JPMorgan Chase.

We lost a true icon, today. One of the most famous fellow Swiss citizens. Rest in peace, Tina.

What were the odds that the Sauber logo would ever appear in an Apple keynote?! 🤯

The latest Microsoft Teams feature is one I love: The app silently quits every time I connect an external display.

There’s a nice shot of the University of Zurich in Oppenheimer. But it should probably be of its neighbor, the ETH, instead.

Matthew Perry’s humor has always been the one I wished I had more of. May he rest in peace.

Im Tages-Anzeiger:

Auch einige Bündner Namen werden von Unterländern gerne falsch ausgesprochen. […] Aber rätoromanische Namen werden üblicherweise nicht auf der ersten Silbe betont. Richtig ist also: Curdín […] Cadonáu, […]