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September 2006

I’m still not quite sure whether I want to write in English or German. But I think writing in English gives me a little bit more practice at really learning that language. I mean: that’s why I’m going to New York, right?
Writing these lines I’m sitting in a Boeing 747 flying from Frankfurt, Germany to New York, USA. At the airport in Frankfurt I felt like I was a heavy criminal because of all the security checkpoints.
The dinner was pretty good. Some kind of chicken filet. Right now I’m watching «Just my luck».
Hope I’ve filled all the forms the right way so I won’t get any problems getting in the States.
Unfortunately I’m not sitting at a window so I can’t take any pictures from the flight. But I definitely have some pictures from the airports in Zurich and Frankfurt. The first flight from ZRH to FRA was too short to take some pictures because you have to turn all the electronical devices off during starting and landing, you know. But I was able to recognize the Uetliberg, Eglisau and even - guess what - Rafz ;-)

What was the first thing I saw at JFK Airport? Yeah, right: three huge walls of UBS advertising. WTF?! Anyway, I had to wait for the passport control like half an hour. Then I was looking for my driver. Fortunately it wasn’t difficult to find him. The car was a really nice Mercedes Limousine. There was even a second guy, a bodyguard, in it. It was pretty scary and strange arriving at the Bronx at night. But I’m getting used to it and the people or very nice. I’m writing these lines in a hurry, so sorry for all the mistakes. I’m gonna write later that week about my host-family.

About an hour ago I came back from school. It was a cool day. I think the teachers at Aspect are great. You have to be very concentrated to focus on school because the view from the classrooms is just amazing.
There are a lot of Asian guys, some French etc. One girl is from Switzerland, but from the French speaking part.
We had to do a lot of paperwork and a 90 minute test so they could figure out which class we do belong to. I got into the proficiency class. There are two possibilities. Either you’ve got morning classes or afternoon classes. I wanted to go to school in the morning but it wasn’t possible. But there are definitely some good things about that. I could explore the night life every day! Because I have to be at school either by about 1 or 3 pm. It takes me about 45 minutes with the subway, which is really good. By the way, the so called «Schülerkurs» is nothing against a rush hour NYC subway train.

My host-family is really nice to me. Both parents work a lot. She’s a nurse and often has to work during the night. Their daughter, S. (21), has a one month old son, Tristan, with her boyfriend D. Then there are Q. (7) and N. (5). They go to 3rd and 1st grade.