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There is a coffee machine in school but, believe me, you can’t drink that «coffee». No way! Maybe the Hot Chocolate or the Swiss Hot Chocolate (nobody knows what the difference is). I haven’t tasted those yet.
The problem is, we only have 10 minute breaks. So what do we do? In a hurry we try to reach the next elevator and go downstairs. We hope that we can cross the street immediately because on the other side there’s a Starbucks. Then, most of the time there’s a long line in front of the security check. If you’re lucky you only have to take your wallet, your keys and your cellphone out of your pockets. If not you even have to take your belt off. Sometimes we make it, sometimes we don’t. But the teacher never makes a scene.
By the way, if you have a laptop on you, you always have to turn it on. That’s really awkward.