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November 2020

Pet peeve: When an app just sends a response/message when a line break was intended. When is it Return, Option+Return, Shift+Return, when is it not?
If you ever just get a “Hi,” from me, that variant wasn’t the line break.

Is Desktop Zero a thing?

“There’s an intellectual inconsistency in the Trump argument.”—John King
Yeah, no … kidding. What a euphemism!

Only putting unsubscribe links in the plain text version of the email and not also in the HTML version is very user hostile.
(Fortunately, I’m using an email client that can easily display both.)

Listening to some of the press conferences and hearing about the voting and counting processes in some of the US states I can’t stop shaking my head.

Dear Netflix, if you’re emailing me about a rating of a movie, you should at least give me the option to rate it neutrally.