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I’m about to retire my beloved Fujifilm FinePix F30 camera, an – especially in low-light conditions – outstanding compact camera. Thankfully, after several years, somebody came up with what so far seems to be a viable replacement: Canon with its PowerShot S95. If only the battery were as good as the F30’s. I can’t wait to test the S95 in the field. In case you haven’t noticed, there are two other major acquirements of the past year in the picture above.

As I was experimenting with the software that came with my new camera, I created some panoramas out of previous shoots.

I finally uploaded pictures of my recent trip. The speeds of my internet connections were for the most part of the trip not good at all. What else should I tell you? I just love those cities! A European destination will be next, I promise.

On a very nice early spring weekend, Barcelona was beautiful. Even though I’m not a big fan of «futbol», watching the FC Barcelona play was special; the view from Montjuïc simply fantastic, as can be seen on the added panoramas.

Twenty years after (World Wide) Web files became publicly available on the net for the first time, I’d like to officially announce that I upgraded my Website quite a bit. The entire site - with the exception of certain social network plugins - has been written by me. It’s not perfect; It likely never will be. But from time to time it should get better or enhanced. The code is based on the upcoming HTML5 standard. Thus, I recommend that you use the latest browsers. If that doesn’t help in case anything looks strange, feel free to contact me.