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On my most recent trip to the United States, I was able to experience a landing at New York’s La Guardia airport during night time for the third time. Thanks to less strict rules by the FAA regarding electronic devices, I was allowed to film the final approach. It must be one of the most beautiful flyovers. From the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, Empire State Building to City Island; Everything is brightly lit. As can be seen in my latest photo album, I also got to see Manhattan during takeoff from La Guardia, this time. Contrary to Joe Biden’s remarks at the time, I can only say that everything worked out very well at La Guardia airport, despite all the snowstorms happening in the New York area.
Unfortunately, I was less lucky on the connecting flight from Washington DC to New Orleans, which was diverted to Houston. After another flight to Dallas and a total delay of about eight hours, I finally landed in Louisiana. To my disappointment, it was also exceptionally cold in the south. However, the food in New Orleans made up for everything. I can only recommend the breakfast buffet at the Rib Room, dinner at Antoine’s (established in 1840) and—of course—beignets with café au lait at Café du Monde. In New Orleans, I also walked to see the Mississippi as well as the Superdome. While Mardi Gras was still weeks away, some beads on trees indicated how it is celebrated.
The Super Bowl in New York was a big letdown. But the evening was still a lot of fun; I could watch the game in the architectonically interesting Stuyvesant Town.